May 17, 2022


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voter 200 election piece by stu


It was my first time voting, and I don’t usually do artsy-fartsy stuff, but here you go…
Voter 200
by Stu

I filed into my local municipality this morning

At 7:30 am in the small town of Lindenwold, NJ I was already voter number 200.

I’d been in this court room before, but never like this

No requests for a lawyer

No silent sighs of traffic fines and

Fines from not being able to pay those fines.

No, something was different today.

A mother took her two daughters behind the curtain with her.

Who are you voting for Mommy?

Sound it out the teacher told her young Pupil.

Sound it out baby girl.

O-BAM-A she said.

I looked around at the people in line with me

Some dressed in house coats

Some covered in tattoos

Some hoping that hope floats

Some with the paper open reading the news

One lady quietly sat there

Humming we shall overcome

And the silence of my thoughts was broken

As the mother in the booth beckoned her younger daughter

Sound it out baby.


Another old lady sat waiting her turn

She announced her spot in line for all newcomers

“That’s where I am young man”

“I just can’t stand too long, especially after walking here.”

But I wasn’t going to miss this for the world

Sound it out baby


Can I give you a ride home Ma’am

A Young man asks the old lady as he exits the booth

I’ll wait for you, however long it takes.

I’m off today, so it don’t matter.

I just can’t let you walk back if it’s that hard for you to stand

Sound it out baby


Back in my hometown,

Baltimore, Maryland

People snap pictures with their cell phones

Waiting in line for 2 hours with no complaints or shows of ignorance

Not for concert tickets, or free giveaways but for the sole purpose of suffrage.

Sound it out baby


There’s a change in the air

The kind of change when enough have had enough

When self serving agendas and motives give way to

Not just to the idea of hope, but to a belief in hope.

How dare we believe in hope

All those black people shoved into a tight space,

But you dare not use a N-word

Sound out the O-Word


This is the end of the campaign,

But the beginning of change

Don’t let the passing of a day

Or a week

Or a month make you forget what you believed in today.

Don’t let it dampen your appetite for change.

Don’t let it steal your dream for a better tomorrow

Based on what you did today.

Sound it out baby


Sing it out baby


Scream it out baby


Live it out baby