September 29, 2022


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NEW CARDANO DEX PLATFORM! (Will SundaeSwap Be The UniSwap of ADA?)

*** ATTENTION *** I WAS NOT PAID TO DO THIS VIDEO! I DO NOT GET PAID OR COMPENSATED BY PROJECTS TO DO THESE OVERVIEWS. THIS IS 100% BECAUSE I AM INTERESTED IN A PROJECT * ** Be very careful with all of these new projects entering the Cardano ecosystem and truly think about how you want to invest your money and your ADA. I am watching all of these new DEX projects carefully. I am bullish on the potential fo SundaeSwap to deliver the UniSwap of Cardano, but time will tell! ⚡⚡Stake Your Cardano with my new ADA Pool! Ticker: CCV1 How To Stake Cardano Tutorial: CCV1 pool id for delegation:
e0d0ce6856aa952a99cb376b4f882dd376aa6e095dc36c886faaa19c Intro 00:00
Who is SundaeSwap? 00:45
SundaeSwap initial stake pool offering 1:20
How are rewards calculated & how much Sundae will you get? 3:10
How is Sundae distributed? 4:15
How to get involved with SundaeSwap 5:55
How many Sundae will be minted? 6:55
Community trust 7:35 As we see the race for the 1st DEX on Cardano blockchain, we are seeing more and more ADA projects coming to the crypto scene. SundaeSwap is one of them. There are many skeptics and rightfully so. Sundae is a brand new project that still needs time to prove themself as a viable candidate for a reliable DEX on Cardano. I am watching all of these projects, and he is the information I have gathered on SundaeSwap. Subscribe, Like, Follow me | ⬇ AFTER THE VIDEO, download my new crypto tracker / profit planner app! ⬇ 📱ios – 📱android – Self-Trade Cryptocurrency in Your IRA/401K – – TAX FREE! ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ iTrustCapital – Code: VENTURE 🔒 (NANO LEDGER) PROTECT and store your crypto on what I consider the best offline storage – – – – ⚡ Follow Dan On Twitter
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