November 27, 2022


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Genius Yield: Cardano DeFi Gets An Upgrade!

Thank you to Genius Yield for Sponsoring this video. Follow Genius Yield on Twitter – Subscribe to Genius Yield On YouTube – Intro 00:00
Dex on Cardano 00:55
What is Genius Yield? 1:59
Algorithmic orders 4:20
Smart liquidity vault 5:35
Algorithmic strategies 6:19
GENS token 7:02
Genius Yield ISPO 7:42 As the Cardano ecosystem matures and grows, more and more DApps, DAOs and DEXs are being switched on every single day. With projects like MuesliSwap, SundaeSwap and Minswap all up and running, is there room in the Cardano ecosystem for another contender? The answer is yes, and that DEX is called Genius Yield, a decentralized, multi-pool exchange with automated algorithmic trading strategies built right into the application. But what is Genius Yield? Why is it the newest most fully-featured DEX to arrive on Cardano so far? And how can you get involved? Watch this Genius Yield video to find out! ⬇How To Stake Your Cardano In Minutes With Crypto Capital Venture!⬇
Stake Your ADA With Ticker: CCV3 ➡ CCV3 Pool ID for delegation:
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