May 17, 2022


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dont just sit there call your am talk

So I’m sitting her listening to Bill O’Riley as he rambles on about how the “real losers” of the third and final presidential debate was us, the American public. Now call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m convinced that this is apart of his secret strategy. I think his goal was to get his listeners who might have begun to lean toward Obama after his superior performance. I think that Bill’s intention was to try to blunt the impact of all of the polls- I mean every single solitary legitimate poll taken about the debate- that had Obama winning by handy margins. If Bill could convince his listeners that, regardless of the fact that they saw Obama out shine McCain, both candidates failed, then maybe they’ll disregard the Obama’s win as a fluke.

You see, Bill-O (as he’s refereed to by Keith Olberman) claims that he’s and independent, that he’s not a right-wing conservative, but rather a “traditionalist” “culture warrior” doing battle against the growing wave of “secular progressives” taking over this country… If it sounds deep, don’t worry… It’s not. What O’Riley describes as a “traditionalist” is actually a conservative and, of course that makes the “secular progressives” liberals. Only the truly daft believe that he’s struck intellectual gold with “culture war” mumbo-jumbo. The point is, he’s a conservative in independent’s clothing.

God bless him; he tries so hard to look “fair and balanced”, a motto borrowed from his employer. The problem is that he’s not. If you listen to his AM talk show, “The Radio Factor” you can tell. His listeners tend to be Fox viewers. They usually agree with his every sentiment, except for the times when his positions move from far-right to center-right. A guy like O’Riley is dangerous because, if you’re a political novice, then you might actually buy into his claim to be an independent and therefore accept his positions as rational, reasonable and untainted by partisanship. Lou Dobbs is another one who’s good at this. They criticize politicians in general, as a means of qualifying their independent claims and then they start cutting up democrats and liberals with sarcastic insults or loaded words. After they’re finished gutting the democrat/liberal they sew up the wound with statements like ‘neither of these two parties…” or ‘neither of these two candidates’.

So what’s my point? My point is that we have to expand our idea of political action in today’s environment of AM talk radio, web blogs and political personalities posing as journalist of integrity. On the trains in NYC they have posters that read “If you see something, say something” to urge New Yorkers to act to prevent or deter wrong doing in the subways. Likewise, I’m urging you to do the same. In fact, I called into Michael Baisden’s radio show yesterday and made the same point. Many of your read blogs (obviously) and listen to talk radio. Many of you watch news shows like Hannity and Colmes and Lou Dobbs, not because you agree with them, but because you don’t and you want to hear what sort of bull $#!t flies out their mouths. So when you do hear something that makes you mad, will you sit there huffing and puffing like a victim or will you take action? I say take action! For the sake of those innocent, ignorant people that might believe these guys!

If you happen to be listening to Sean Hannity or Bill O’Riley or Rush Limbaugh or anyone of their clones, and you hear something that strikes you to the core of you being as WRONG then don’t just huff and puff; don’t just imagine giving them a piece of your mind… CALL IN AND SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT! If you don’t have the time to sit on the phone, then go to their chat rooms and dispel the vile venomous lies with truth and links like and The web has become the great equalizer in combatting the rigth-wing dominance over the AM airwaves, so if you find any video on Youtube that reinforces you points then post that too, and send it around to all your friends! Then, when you’ve built up enough moxie, travel to the right-wing blogs and do the same… In fact, do more! Why not organize 10 or 20 of your friends to go on and post refuting arguments to all of their crap! FIGHT THE POWER!“ATTICA! ATTICA!”… But I digress.